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During a creative process, we use a combination of internal elements, such as our experiences and intuition, as well as external factors from the world around us to spark ideas.

Creating theme boards is a way of visually compiling our thoughts, ideas, inspiration and research that forms a tool, in which to draw from.

Theme boards can be used to build a story, as a collection of ideas to explore or as a way to establish a certain feeling or mood.


The core of the Azaris vehicle is its innovative technology which uses fluid as the medium to transfer force.

Fluid flows, is free and is alive. From these qualities various ideas were explored and combined to inspire our design language.

A splash of water is one way of seeing water in motion. Every splash of water is individual in nature; however, shares a set of common characteristics – as the water stretches it forms a flow, creating soft and sharp lines whilst also generating negative space.

We drew further inspiration from the human muscular system. Seeing how each muscle wraps and intertwines around the other, each serving a purpose with strength and adaptability, forming the basis of our movement.

Continuing to draw from life, we explored the structure that exists within all living beings. That structure being the DNA strand. This unique form was the underlying inspiration for the DNA Arms on Azaris.


In keeping with the water theme for the Azaris, a few different forms of water were explored.

Ice caves and geodes were the main inspiration behind the Azaris’ headlight design.

This geometric aesthetic was chosen to contrast against the fluid surfaces of the Azaris’ body, adding interest to the Azaris’ ‘eyes’.

We see prisms and faceted lenses as a key design element in the future of Advanced Vehicles to assist vehicles with interpreting their surroundings.


During the design process, we use colour and trim theme boards to guide the aesthetics of a vehicle, from the physical form all the way through to the surface treatment and colours.

How a vehicle is perceived and initially experienced is largely influenced by its colour.


During the concept stage, the Azaris’ strong, tough and agile capabilities were identified.

To express this, we explored a dark colour palette comprising of gunmetals and anodised finishes, evoking a robust and stealthy presence.


Another early concept highlighted the Azaris’ innovation and potential for futuristic advancement.

Here a rather clean ‘Utopian’ aesthetic was created with the use of white, contrasted with metals, silvers and translucency, giving the vehicle a lighter, efficient feeling.


The Ferox Technology has the potential to make vehicles more connected to and conscious of the environments they operate in, with the Azaris prototype being the first step in the journey.

Drawing inspiration from our natural world, and in particular paying homage to the Australian landscape, red earthy tones would be combined with watery blues and raw materials such as metals and stone.


In keeping with the water theme for the Azaris, we explored one of the most powerful forces of water – an ocean wave.

An ocean wave consists of a plethora of different blues, ranging from dark to light, warm to cool and satin to glossy finishes.

These contrasting colour features illustrate motion and expresses the transformative nature of the Ferox Technology.

This concept was selected and further developed for the Azaris colour scheme.


This case study has been put together to help educate and share our process with the community. 

The images used in our theme boards come from various sources as a part of our internal research process.

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