Advanced Vehicles

Ferox is at the forefront of a vehicle industry that is rapidly evolving after 130 years of the traditional motorcar.

Our advanced vehicles respond to the demand for more flexible, adaptable and intelligent transport.

They are the next evolution in human transportation and build on the advancements in electric and autonomous vehicle technologies.

What Is An Advanced Vehicle?

Imagine if nature built a machine.

Future envisaged vehicles that remove the limitations of the existing nexus between the wheels, drivetrain and chassis.

Advanced vehicles are distinguished by liberated wheels, intelligence, variable power sources, an adaptable vehicle structure, and enhanced survivability.

Characteristic 01

Liberated Wheels

Current day vehicles are limited in potential by the traditional drivetrain.

In-wheel motors replace the self limiting drivetrain to provide greater freedom and capabilities.

An advanced vehicle with liberated wheels more effectively negotiates terrain with increased functional mobility and unmatched performance.

Ferox Azaris from back right hand side
Characteristic 02


Advanced vehicles have intelligent capabilities that enables them to be driven in piloted, remote piloted, and autonomous modes.

They have enhanced environmental awareness and the ability to communicate with each other.

Herd functionality allows for advanced vehicles to operate and work in teams as well utilise drone connectivity to provide Swarm Support.

Characteristic 03

Variable Power Source

Advanced vehicles have the ability to be powered by variable sources such as combustion, electric, and fuel cell.

The power source in an advanced vehicle connects to a fluid pump creating a flexible and adaptable transmission system.

Fuel Cell
Four visual stages of the ANT Rapid to Transportor transition
Characteristic 04

Adaptable Vehicle Structure

Utilising progressive chassis design, advanced vehicles incorporate innovative materials and suspension systems to enable greater agility and flexibility.

Functions include the ability to morph, shape shift, and transform the vehicle structure to suit the environmental situation.

Characteristic 05


Advanced vehicles have the ability to self assemble and self repair to increase their survival in a broad range of missions.

They have in-built multi modular redundancy for potential system failures as well as heightened awareness for increased vehicle and human safety.

The immobilisation protection system increases vehicle functionality and survivability in scenarios where the vehicle is compromised.

The Future of Transport, Today.

The world of advanced vehicles opens the door to new freedoms.

Transportation with greater capabilities in hauling, off-road, earthmoving, first response, defence, tactical, exploration, and agricultural applications.

Vehicles that liberate our movement through the world with increased agility, flexibility, strength, and environmental connection.

Our Advanced Vehicles