About Ferox

Our goal is to ultimately lift the adaptability and survivability of humanity upon all land based environments.

At our core we bring to life advanced technologies to create fiercely capable vehicles for extreme terrain, hauling, earthmoving, first response, defence, tactical, exploration, and agricultural applications.


We seek opportunities to profoundly empower the human condition and accelerate human progress through our pioneering philosophy and visionary technologies; significantly improving our relationship with vehicles by enabling their advanced capabilities.

Advanced vehicles will liberate our movement through the world with greater connection and environmental awareness.

Who is Ferox?

Ferox is a technology company that creates advanced vehicles.
We produce technologies that have meaningful and profound outcomes for a better way of moving through the world.
Ferox integrates futuristic technology with flexible, adaptable and intelligent transport solutions for a new era of vehicles.
We are a team of highly skilled specialists who express mastery with clarity of vision and expert execution.
We believe our uncompromising innovators and organic process provide an unparalleled approach to problem solving.
Ferox implements practical methodologies to transform concept designs into tangible outcomes that advance industry potential.
Our people are the most important element in bringing our mission of accelerating human progress to life.


We create an environment to support true self expression and push boundaries to go beyond traditional limitations.
We believe there is something to be discovered in the not yet known, and we often find it on the nonlinear path.
We pursue what we don’t fully yet know or understand with a pioneering spirit that trusts the present and has faith in the future.
We often draw wisdom from nature itself and the desire for belonging and connection at the core of our shared humanity.
Our philosophy is a lived and breathed process to open up new possibilities and opportunities for profound real world outcomes.

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